Feriye Restaurant

Feriye Restaurant

Feriye Restaurant

Having launched itself in the Turkish tourism sector with Feriye Restaurant, Kenet Ltd. is primarily involved in infrastructure projects aimed at entertaining a national and international clientele and therefore aspires to bring tourism in Turkey up to a high standard. In its initial phase, Kenet Tourism introduced to Istanbul a concept of fine dining centered around Ottoman Turkish Cuisine in the Feriye Restaurant, which quickly gained an international reputation. Turkey is acknowledged worldwide as the cradle of civilizations and of Turkish gastronomy. Now, in an essential step for the promotion of our national cuisine, Kenet is engaged in preparations to open a professional Cooking School in the near future.



Moving in the 19th Century from Topkapı Palace to their new magnificent palaces in the Bosphorus, the Ottoman Sultans literally started the history of Feriye, built then as a precinct. As the terminus of the new palatial area extending from Beşiktaş to Ortaköy with Dolmabahçe and Çırağan Palaces, Feriye is actually an embodiment of the interesting architectural features peculiar to its age. Further to the restoration carried out in 1995 by Kabataş High School Foundation, Feriye Complex has become an exceptional spot to make you meet the past on the Bosphorus. 

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