Bursa City Museum (Bursa Kent Müzesi)

Bursa City Museum (Bursa Kent Müzesi)

Bursa City Museum (Bursa Kent Müzesi)

Bursa City Museum since 2004, serving the city's old courthouse , the museum Bursa changes it has undergone in the years 7000 and exhibited a time of transformation.

The museum was opened to visitors on 14 February 2004. The museum building by Ayverdi Ekrem Hakki was built in 1926 as a court house . Kemalettin is believed to be the architect Bey. After moving into the new building vacated courthouse building in 1999 , after the restoration period between 2001-2004 became the museum building. Naim Arnas architect took the task of transforming the process of building the museum. 2 -storey building , in chronological order on the first floor , there is a thematic arrangement of the second floor . Lived in Bursa 6 waxworks museum of the Ottoman sultan, who plays the traditional commercial life decors are offered information about the city such as the city's topographical model of the object. Bursa City Museum, the Statue Square in the city center , Ataturk Monument to the south , is located next to the Bursa Governor's House.

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