Koza Inn (Koza Hanı)

Koza Inn (Koza Hanı)

Koza Inn (Koza Hanı)

Koza Inn, in Bursa. Inn built by II. Bayezid.

The architect of the inn is located in Bursa city center Abdulal b. Is Puladşah. Koza Han, a square courtyard in the middle and the two -storey building consisting of rooms around the courtyard. The inn is located on the lower floor and 50 rooms on the upper floor 45. In front of this room, and downstairs porches both upstairs there. Khan has octagonal courtyard in the middle of a mosque. This eight corners of the mosque, is seated on a pillar in the middle. There is a fountain under the masjid. Quite flashy with a brick and cut stone door in the outer wall of the inn was used. Koza Han was restored in the 1950s, it was transformed into a modern trade center.

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