Cappadoccia Cavusin(Çavuşin)

Cappadoccia Cavusin(Çavuşin)

Cappadoccia Cavusin(Çavuşin)

Çavuşin, one of the oldest localities of Cappadocia, Goreme on the Avanos road, 2 km from Goreme in a Baptist is a place dominated by the yerleşimdir.çavusin Yahya made ​​in the name of the church. Made its paintings date back to the 5th century THAT oldest churches in the region. The result of broken rock in recent years is uncommon for large courtyard in ruins in Cappadocia Cavusin yikilmistir.es the valley, where they lived the Christian missionaries and communities. Cavusin Güllüdere located just beside the church in five. The Crusader Church in the valley near the same purpose is also used as a defense against the influx of Muslim Arabs.

Millions (60 or 40 million) years ago Anatolian peninsula due to movement in the Earth s water rose above the seafloor. Today we call in the Cappadocia region he formed a lake filled with seawater. This lake, the surrounding volcanoes millions of years of boom result has been filled with volcanic lava and ash, the sea water in the lake evaporation by way of this time in each blast those kaybolmuştur.volk ash and lava in different ways from one another in the lake and formed structure layers. Then wear it with deep erosions in the lake bed of the valley slopes today we call occurred. This wear during hard layers is significantly more resistant to erosion Fairy Chimneys of today we call the way he is build is a real challenge.

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